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  • As a developer in Splyt we have built amazing ride apps, explored new tools, tried new stuff, have lots of new projects coming soon... However, the most important part I would like to talk about is the people, which at the end is who makes things real. I still haven't found anyone in Splyt who is not willing to help, share or innovate any time. An amazing culture with great minds, It feels like we can build whatever.


    Engineering Manager

  • I’ve left multiple jobs that had a great social aspect, but lacked interesting or innovative work. Over three and half years later I'm still at Splyt, and I still have a tonne to learn. Splyt has not only got a great social aspect of having varied colleagues to talk to and learn from, having the most random chats about new items on the Nando's menu, buying a house in the south of france or even cat-poo coffee, it has the most modern, interesting and challenging work I've ever had, and with interesting tech too. Furthermore, having had the chance to step up from developer to manager, Splyt has offered me a safe and secure environment to hire a team, skill up, make mistakes and diversify my learnings in multiple aspects, whilst keeping me on my toes with lots to do. There's never a dull moment at Splyt.


    Engineering Manager

  • In 2018, I was lucky enough to spend two weeks in Shanghai, helping an important partner integrate our Roaming Core API. On the first day, we learned that our partners dev team were struggling to test various booking scenarios.Β  When testing our service, clients use a Sandbox version of our API, which at the time transitioned bookings automatically in a very predictable manner.Β  This did not enable the team to test various edge cases that can occur in production. At dinner that evening, our CTO and I discussed the issue, and decided that we should build a tool that would enable our partner to better control bookings.Β  Over the next two days, whenever we had a spare minute we built a simple booking simulator.Β  As soon as it was functional, we gave access to our partner.Β  For for the remainder of the trip we took great pleasure in seeing our new creation popping up on screens, and helping our partner complete their testing.Β  On the last day of the trip, to much elation our partner completed their integration and made their first production booking! 3 years later, the simulator has received additional features and is used on a daily basis by various partners, and our own developers.


    Head of Technology

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